Edit audio by touches and gestures

Users can always edit audio in Audio Editor Plus with touches and gestures. With the following touches and gestures,  the jobs can be done conveniently and effectively. 1. Set the cursor Single tap with one finger on the waveform to set cursor   2. Zoom in / Zoom out Pinch […]

Export files

1. Tap the “Files” button to show all original files. 2. In the files list, all original files can be exported freely. 3. Tap the “export” button to mix down all un-muted tracks and export. This feature is only available for subscribed users.

Backup recordings automatically

All recordings are extremely important! But they may get lost in these situation: Recordings are deleted in mis-operation or the app is deleted in mis-operation. iPhone/iPad is restored without backup. iPhone/iPad is broken or lost. Maybe you think the odds are rare, but we do receive emails for help in […]

How to start recording?

1.On every empty track, there is a red record button, tap that red button to start recording on that track. 2.You can always tap on a track, then select “rec” command in the shown menu to insert recording at that point.